20+ Best High Heels Collections Ideas For Teens To Have Asap

A blend of style and comfort marks platform heels. Elegant in style, yet comfortable to wear, platform heels offer an ideal choice to women keen to adorn high heels.With a high heel at the rear, and a flat, uplifted support in the front part of the sole, platforms enable the wearer to maintain balance easily.

Available in glass, wood, leather and a plethora of other materials, platform heels are in vogue due to their chic look and trendy finishes.From fashion ramps, platform heels have now transcended into everyday usage. A part of almost every college goer’s footwear, these heels are synonymous with fashion.

Platforms became popular during the reign of Elizabeth I, and were worn by both women and men. Platforms make you look taller, and are not only restricted to ladies footwear. Platforms are also popularly used in men’s shoes. From formal to party to casual footwear, platforms are for every occasion and are available in various combinations of sole heights and heel heights. Platforms are marked by bright hues, embellishments and chic appearance.

Whether sandals, slippers, thongs, shoes or boots, platforms render a trendy look to all. Mostly worn with Western outfits, platforms are unimaginably popular throughout the globe, especially amongst the teens.Making a new trend in fashion footwear, platforms add a new dimension to the concept of trendy footwear. However, like other high heels, these too need to be worn with caution.

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